Ability to sync payments that occur in an open period when the invoice is in a closed period.

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Example: invoice is created on Jan 1 and syncs to QBO. Jan ends and books are closed on Feb 10. Customer pays invoice on Feb 20, payment is posted in invoiced. Currently this payment will not sync over to QBO, evidently because the invoice is in a closed period. However, the payment has occurred in Feb which is an open period. This is not prevented within QBO. After the Jan books close the unpaid invoice remains open and can have a payment posted to it without opening Jan. Currently we have to post all of these types of payments manually in QBO, and then address the error in invoiced. This is also the case with credits. This is particularly problematic for invoices created at the end of the month.

Not planned Suggested by: Marcia Upvoted: 27 May Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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