Filtering A/R adjustments (Intacct sync)

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It's great that from Intacct, we are able to filter only select invoices (order entries) to go into Invoiced. However, a similar filter does not exist for A/R adjustments, i.e., all A/R adjustments get synced into Invoiced as credit notes. Result: if a particular invoice (order entry) was not synced into Invoiced (because of the filter), and if that invoice was paid with an A/R adjustment, this A/R adjustment still gets created as an open credit note in Invoiced. And this open credit note has nothing to "pay" against in Invoiced because its corresponding invoice is not there :'( This messes up our reconciliation between Intacct and Invoiced, and we'd then need to manually delete the open credit notes (in Invoiced) that were created this way.

Under consideration Suggested by: Timothy Bantola Upvoted: 26 Oct, '23 Comments: 1

Comments: 1